Born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Soviet Union, to a family of physicists. His father, Mikhail Belousov, worked as a Senior Staff Scientist at Veeco Instruments Inc. (Plainview, New York, USA). 1997 SB’s parents moved to Princeton, New Jersey, and subsequently became American Citizens. After retirement in 2014, SB’s parents have settled in Boca Raton, Florida.

Commenced his education at School No. 415, Alexander II First Peterhof Gymnasium, located in the vicinity of the Upper Park and the Great Peterhof Palace.

The school program included an in-depth study of English. He practiced individual and team sports, including judo, sambo, and football. He studied art history at the Hermitage Museum club, took park in producing theatre performances at the Hermitage, including one for the Italian television. He read hundreds of books about leadership, notable people, art, conquests, discoveries, history, and science, as well as masterpieces of world literature.

During the eighth year, moved to the Physics and Mathematics Boarding School No. 45 at the Leningrad State University, Peterhof. Graduated 3 years later. SB took part and won numerous awards at the Russian, Federal, and Leningrad city mathematics, physics, and chemistry Olympiads. He authored science articles for Quant journal and participated in science conferences for schoolchildren.

Since his physicist-parents engaged in geology and construction projects during summer holidays, SB had a chance to travel with them, visiting nearly every corner of Russia and the neighboring republics, including: Yakutia, Karelia, the Vologda region, the river route from St. Petersburg to Astrakhan, Grozny, Kolski Peninsula, the Ural Mountains, Baikal, Kyzyl / Tuva, Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk, Chita, Alma-Ata, Lviv, Tallinn, Riga, Tbilisi, Mineralnye Vody, and many other places.

First Money

From the age of ten, SB began making money by selling things he made: throwing shards, tin soldiers, 3D cowboys, slingshots, bows, crossbows, fishing accessories.

During summer geological expeditions, SB was making bonfires, loading and unloading trucks, and helping construction workers build houses and other units.

First SB’s money bought the family’s first black and white TV set “Yunost” (red edition), and much more.


Entered The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), the Department of General and Applied Physics, the main department of The A.I. Alikhanov Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP).

Transferred to The Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP).

Transferred to the Department of Theoretical Physics at The L. D. Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics. Bachelor in Physics, cum laude

Master in Theoretical Physics and Electrical Engineering, cum laude

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Honorary Doctor of Physics

As a student, held a number of parttime jobs: working as a laborer; selling shoes, jackets, ads in the Yellow Pages, and photocopiers; setting up telephone exchanges and unloading planes and trains; other jobs including building and remodeling houses, roofing, puttying, installing insulation and flooring, washing windows in highrise buildings, and working as a barman and a security guard. SB also offered tutoring in physics and mathematics in the school N5 in Dolgoprudny and prepared students for science competitions.


Helped to create Unium (as part of Phystech College) – Unium is an educational project designed to help students prepare for the university entrance examinations and develop their soft skills.

The project continues to flourish. It grew into a national network of 75 educational centers, operating in 35 Russian cities.

More than 20,000 students attend the program annually, with the total number of students exceeding 500,000.


Founded Rolsen (Standard and Western).

Executive Manager of Rolsen.
Finance, procurement, and logistics in Singapore and San Francisco. Original design, development, and production in Russia, Korea, and China rapidly grew sales in Russia and the CIS. Became a leading manufacturer of TV sets, audio, video devices, domestic appliances, mobile phones, computer monitors and cases in Russia and the CIS. At its peak, the company employed 5,000 staff and had an annual turnover of $ 500M.

Founded Standard & Western Software. Professional bespoke development services, employing 60 engineers in the Singapore office. Providing venture engineering services for US-based start-ups. Developed the fintech app Cassandra for evaluating financial derivatives, which was based on the newest Microsoft technologies.

Participated in the joint grant program between the National Computer Board and Microsoft.

As a part of this program in 1997, SB met Bill Gates, who praised the Cassandra architecture.

Co-founded Solomon Software South East Asia (sold in 2007). Localization, marketing, sales, customization, and later, development of an ERP app for small and medium-sized business through partner channels in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and other countries in South East Asia.

Resigned from the position of Executive Manager at Rolsen, but remained a shareholder of the company until 2003. He refocused all of his activities on Standard & Western Software and Solomon Software SEA.

Founded Falcon Computers (Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine) and sold the company in 2003.

Founded Western Computers and Peripherals (Malaysia, Singapore, and Pakistan). Assembly and sales of personal computers, parts, and consumables. The company ceased operations in 2001.

Founded Westcom (Samara /  Togliatti, Russia) and sold the company in 1998. Paging service in Samara and the Samara District. Development of a software package to manage network operations.

Solomon Software South East Asia

Distributed an accounting software package for small and medium-sized businesses in SEA. Managed the full development cycle of the main Solomon Software product line for the global market. He created high margins with an annual turnover of about $ 10M. The company was bought by Microsoft as a part of the global Solomon Software.

Resigned from the position of General Manager and hired Laurent Dedenis as his replacement. Remained a majority shareholder at Solomon Software SEA and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He shifted his professional focus to Parallels.

Founded Infratel/MightyCall. Developed software solutions for small and medium-sized contact centers and corporate phone networks / PBX. Starting in 2005, the company exclusively focused on developing VoIP-based solutions. Today more than 1,000 contact centers use Infratel solutions.

Starting in 2005, the company exclusively focused on developing VoIP-based solutions. Today more than 1,000 contact centers use Infratel solutions.


Founded Parallels. Developed a vision of a complete platform for cloud infrastructure, apps, and services, based on virtualization and automation systems – originally to enable legacy software vendors become Application Service Providers.

Parallels implemented that vision and become a global leader in cloud service automation and cross-platform services:

Developed the revolutionary container virtualization Virtuozzo and full-service automation for service providers and web hosters, HSPcomplete.

Acquired the leading web hosting control panels Plesk and Confixx, and integrated them with other Parallels products.

Released the revolutionary Parallels (Odin) Automation platform – provisioning, billing, and control panels for offering cloud services to small business.

Release of Parallels Desktop for Mac, the first solution to enable Windows to run on a Mac machine

Acquired most of the remaining competing hosting automation products – more than nine products and companies – to consolidate the hosting automation and virtualization market.

APS Standard for service delivery to simplify the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model for cloud service providers and software developers.

Parallels reaches more than 1,200 staff, hundreds of millions of dollars turnover, more than 10,000 cloud partners, and supports more than 50 million users across all product lines. Over 15 million SMB customer worldwide, more than 5 million Parallels Desktop for Mac installations. Collaborations with leading universities include MIPT, NSU, Innopolis, Carnegie, and others.

Parallels was split into four independent business units: Odin, Parallels, Virtuozzo, and Plesk. Odin was sold to Ingram Micro.

Plesk was sold to Oakley Capital.

Founded Usonix, a Web Hosting company (Singapore) Sold to a Japanese hosting company in 2009.

Founded Rusonyx, a web hosting company (Moscow, Russia).


Virtuozzo developed the first commercially available container technology - designed for Application Service Providers, now commonly known as the Cloud

Virtuozzo is the last Parallels business unit remaining independent - transformed into a stand-alone company

Virtuozzo has consolidated ownership and is powering ahead:

  • 2,600+ Service Providers are using Virtuozzo technology on 67,000+ physical servers - 550,000+ virtual environments (System Containers and VMs). The total amount of Virtuozzo Storage has reached 32PB.
  • Top service providers using Virtuozzo include:
    • GoDaddy group including Host Europe Group and Mediatemple
    • 1&1 Group incl. Strato, Arsys,; Endurance group
    • Acens (Telefonica group)
    • Otsuka (Japan)
    • GMO Cloud (Japan)
    • Leading telcos like America Movil

Virtuozzo has the largest market share in the VPS market among commercial virtualization vendors


Founded a data protection company Acronis as a division of Parallels. Developed the first product Acronis OS Selector, marketed in Germany and Japan.

Due to the acquisition of Plesk and Confixx Acronis was restructured into a separate, independent company:

  • Focus on backup, protection and disaster recovery products;
  • Took an active part in strategy and company development as Chair of the Board of Directors until 2007.

Attracting investments from Insight Partners enabled a complete separation of Acronis and Parallels’ resources.

While remaining a member of Acronis Board of Directors, left active management to focus on Parallels.

Appointed Birger Steen as General Manager of Parallels and left active management. Refocused on venture capital investments as a part of Runa Capital.

Remained involved with Parallels’ Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Technology Architect.

Founded Acumatica, which was separated from Parallels. Currently remains the majority shareholder of Acumatica.

Venture Partner at Almaz Capital.

Founded Robson Communication, a web hosting company (Vancouver, Canada). Sold in 2016.

Founded CloudLinux, which was separated from Parallels.

CloudLinux is a software company that develops hosting- oriented distribution of Linux based on CentOS. It uses the LVE (Light Virtual Environment) core, which in many respects is similar to OpenVZ and other OS-based virtualization systems.

It improves server stability by encapsulating each client into a secure isolated environment.

Runa Capital

Senior Founding Partner, Runa Capital.

Runa Capital is a global technology-focused venture capital firm with $500M under management. The firm offers $1-10M rounds of funding to companies building cloud-based business applications and utilizing technologies such as machine learning, message-oriented middleware, and blockchain.

Runa Capital also supports companies that are building IT solutions for financial services, education, and digital health care.

70+ portfolio companies, including Acumatica, Jelastic, Maria DB, Lendio, Zopa, Open-Xchange, Mambu, CloudLinux, Dr Chrono, Wallarm.

20+ exits, including:

  • Capptain (bought by Microsoft)
  • Metabar (bought by Yandex)
  • StopTheHacker (bought by CloudFlare)
  • ThinkGrid (bought by ColtTelcom)
  • BackupAgent (bought by Acronis)
  • Rocketbank (bought by Otkritie FC Bank)
  • (bought by Baring)
  • NGINX (bought by F5)
  • Acumatica (bought by EQT Partners)

Took part in founding Runa Capital II. Runa opens offices in London, Singapore, and San Francisco.

While remaining a partner and an investment committee member at Runa Capital, he scaled down his executive functions and refocused on Acronis.

Founded Anturis, which creates IT infrastructure service monitoring for small and medium-sized businesses.

Remained involved with Parallels’ Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Technology Architect.

Science and Education

Was instrumental in the creation of the Russian Quantum Center as a Board Advisor.

Founded Qwave Capital. Global science and technology venture fund ($100M), investing between $500K-$5M in companies with strong technologies in quantum computing, sensors, robotics, drones, and industrial IoT. Portfolio companies include the following:

  • ID Quantique: With 50+ employees, it is a leading developer of quantum cryptography and photon counters.
  • Coda Devices: 10 staff members develop and manufacture spectrometers, Raman-based solutions for analyzing the chemical composition of substances, used by more than 100 corporate clients.

Founded Phystech Ventures. A university-based fund supporting early-stage companies founded by students, professors, and graduates of MIPT. The fund has $30M under management and offers $100k-$1M investments to B2B companies focusing on clean technologies, oil and gas, IoT, automotive, cybersecurity, and education technologies.

Portfolio companies include:

  • MEL Science  – Based in the United Kingdom it provides an introduction to science education, creating chemistry sets and experiments that are supported by a virtual reality app, making it practical and completely safe.
  • AT Energy: 10 employees and more than five large clients. The company develops and supplies hydrogen-air fuel cells and new hydrogen storage solutions.
  • GTI: 15+ staff members, serving more than five oil corporations. The company is a leading software developer, providing solutions to optimize the cost of geo installation and drilling.

Mikhail Lukin, Evgeny Demler. MIPT graduates, Harvard professors.

Founded Parallels Research for science research projects in the area of cloud technologies, in collaboration with leading universities and Skolkovo.

Founded Theory Bar & Restaurant

  • Restaurant near MIPT
  • 23 staff members
  • 2000+ customers per month
  • 70 % return business

Supported Innopolis. Member of the Advisory Council. Invited specialists from Carnegie Mellon to develop infrastructure and educational programs. Innopolis University has already become an educational leader, featuring the world’s best practices from more than 100 teams of world-renowned professors and researchers.

Chair of the Advisory Council at Novosibirsk State University.

Member of the Governing Board at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore (CQT).

Took part in creating (and became a Secretary of) Phystech-Union, a non-commercial partnership founded by a group of MIPT alumni, with the goal of modernizing MIPT University.

Supported and helped to create Kapitsa Phystech College, a new school for gifted children in partnership with MIPT.

Founded and invested in Nmas1

  • Partner project of the Russian N+1;
  • Reached the Top Five of Spanish language science web publications and Top Three in Spanish language science-oriented Facebook communities.

Founded Acronis Foundation

  • Opened primary schools in Myanmar, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Senegal;
  • Sponsored and created a program for IT education for inmates in Singapore Prisons;
  • Plans to open schools in the developing countries: Peru, Indonesia, Zambia, Namibia, Laos and such other;
  • Providing support for educational programs (on the History of the World, Art, Philosophy and The Remarkable Individuals) in the underserved public schools in the USA is being planned for the near future.

Founded SIT (Schaffhausen Institute of Technology) as an initiator and a primary investor.

SIT is an international research-led university for selected areas in computer science, physics, and technology transformation, located in Switzerland. The mission is to advance knowledge and discovery in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security & Privacy, New Materials, Quantum Technologies, Digital Business/Law, and Digital Sport/Health. SIT is planning an environment and campus of creativity, education, research, and entrepreneurship consisting of a university, research centers, and a technology park building on Swiss quality in education.

SIT currently maintains partnerships with Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, and the National University of Singapore. SIT will begin by offering MSc. programs, closely aligned with research institutes led by leading international scientists and researchers.


Acronis, a global leader in hybrid cloud data protection and storage, offering easy, reliable, efficient, secure and private solutions for businesses and consumers.

The company was founded in 2003 in Singapore. Today, the company employs 1,500+ people in 33+ offices worldwide. The company’s Corporate Headquarters are located in Switzerland and International Headquarters in Singapore.

Since SB’s return to Acronis in 2013, the company developed and introduced a unique hybrid cloud infrastructure, allowing easy and reliable integration of backup, disaster recovery, find sync and share, and software-defined storage solutions. The new architecture, together with the innovative Acronis AnyData Engine protected by more than 130 patents, allowed the company to add new data sources, and support new types of data storage – protecting applications, operating systems, and data in the virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile environments.

The company updated the product line and has released Acronis Data Cloud solution enabling partners to offer an easy and profitable way to provide data protection and disaster recovery solutions to end-users. As a result, in 2015-2017, thousands of partners offered data protection solutions to millions of users worldwide.

In 2017 released the world’s first active protection against ransomware, protecting backups and systems from extortion malware with the help of artificial intelligence. The new technology, not available in competitor’s solutions, detects and blocks the attacks, and offers instant data recovery. Acronis also introduced blockchain-based data certification to validate data integrity.

In 2019, the company released Acronis Cyber Platform. With the Acronis Cyber Platform, ISVs, Developers and MSPs can customize, integrate and extend their applications and services with cyber protection solutions while connecting them to the Acronis community of 50,000+ channel partners.

In 2020, Acronis revolutionized the world of cyber protection, delivering Acronis Cyber Protect. Acronis Cyber Protect unifies your cyber protection by integrating backup, disaster recovery, AI-based malware protection, remote assistance and security into a single, reliable tool.

Acronis solutions are based on five vectors of data protection: safety, security, authenticity, privacy, and accessibility; protecting all data, applications, and systems.

Serguei Beloussov with his wife Nata Bell

Today, Acronis protects data from more than 5.5 million prosumers and more than 500,000 businesses.

Acronis products and solutions are available in 33+ languages and distributed by more than 50 thousand partners in 150+ countries.