Investing in the future

02/1 - building new and supporting well-known science and research institutions
Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT)
Founder & Chairman of the Board

SIT is an international research-led university for selected areas in computer science, physics, and technology transformation, located in Switzerland. The mission is to advance knowledge and discovery in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security & Privacy, New Materials, Quantum Technologies, Digital Business/Law, and Digital Sport/Health. In partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and National University of Singapore, SIT offers MSc. programs, closely aligned with research institutes led by leading international scientists and researchers. SIT is planning an environment and campus of creativity, education, research, and entrepreneurship consisting of a university, research centers, and a technology park building on Swiss quality in education.

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Innopolis University
Member of the Advisory Council

Innopolis University — the youngest Russian university and intellectual center, specialising in the field of modern information technologies. Serguei Invited specialists from Carnegie Mellon to develop infrastructure and educational programs. Opened in 2013, today it is an educational leader, featuring the world’s best practices from more than 100 teams of world-renowned professors and researchers. Teaching staff consists of leading Russian and foreign IT specialists and robotic science. Educational programs are committed to producing a high-quality stream of professionals for companies located in Innopolis city.

Innopolis website
Russian Quantum Center
Instrumental in creation of the RQC as a Board Advisor

Russian Quantum Center is a non-profit scientific research and technology center, focused on quantum information processing research, and development of the high-tech commercial products based on quantum technologies.

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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)
Alma mater suporter through numerous collaboration projects and investments

Co-founded Unium (or Phystech College), his first business, which provided science students with course materials. Nowadays, this project is a national network of 75 educational centers, operating in 35 Russian cities. More than 20,000 students attend the program annually, with the total number of students exceeding 500,000.

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Kapitsa Phystech College for gifted children

Supported and helped to create Kapitsa Phystech College, a new school for gifted children in partnership with MIPT; made every effort to open a new Department of Theoretical and Applied Informatics at MIPT.

Phystech Union

Phystech Union is a non-commercial association founded by a group of MIPT alumni, with the goal of supporting their alma mater.

Phystech Union website

02/2- foundations that create, spread and protect knowledge around the globe

Acronis Cyber Foundation

In order to promote learning opportunities around the world — in 2018 Acronis Cyber Foundation was founded. The foundation supports multiple initiatives around the world designed to stimulate education in order to gain and protect knowledge. The Acronis Cyber Foundation has been funding schools and computer classrooms in underserved communities, publishing educational children’s books, and developing IT training programs for groups including military veterans, ex-offenders, and immigrants to help them along the path to careers in tech. The Foundation has already helped thousands of people in 17 countries across four continents and more projects are to come.

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Entrepreneurs for knowledge

Originating from the great interest inьthe Acronis Cyber Foundation, the idea of Entrepreneurs for Knowledge (EfK) was born in 2019 together with Serguei Beloussov´s business partner and friend Jochen Berger. With the concept «Foundation as a Service» EfK helps companies and individuals to support worthy and sustainable school projects worldwide. This collaboration provides companies free support through development aid professionals because, with the right assistance, philanthropic projects can become a great experience for the whole company and private individuals.

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