Solidarity with Ukraine

Dr. Serg Bell is categorically against any war!

Due to the war happening right now in Ukraine, companies founded by Dr. Serg Bell, took a firm anti-war stance.

“There is no excuse for starting any war. Stop the war, whatever you could do it – do it! Help Ukraine people!”

– Dr. Serg Bell

01/01 Runa Capital statement on war in Ukraine

Global investors tend to stay away from politics, but we must break our silence and speak out. All war is evil, and Runa firmly stands for peace. This war is devastating and unjust. Runa Capital feels tremendous sorrow and pain for the Ukrainian people affected by this tragedy. As for the Russian-born part of our team, Runa is ashamed, deplores the aggression, and believes this war is catastrophic for the Ukrainians and all those who are impacted across the globe.

Runa have been taking the time to make sure its team is safe. All Runa’s partners and investment team members are safe and currently based outside the countries involved in the conflict. Runa Capital’s portfolio is concentrated in the United States and the European Union, so its exposure to the affected region is minimal. Runa Capital and it’s Team all are actively helping the few portfolio companies affected by the war ensure the safety of their Ukrainian employees and maintain operations.

As an international venture firm, Runa Capital has always carefully chosen its limited partners. None of them is affiliated with sanctioned entities or individuals, so there are no threats to the fund, its LPs or Runa’s portfolio companies. Runa Capital continues to operate as usual and invest in new companies. Runa Capital hopes that Russian troops will be withdrawn soon from Ukraine.

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01/02 SIT Solidarity with Ukraine and suspends all operations in Russia

Like the rest of the world, SIT is horrified and deeply concerned about the Russian military and Russian government armed initiatives in Ukraine, and its humanitarian tragic consequences. The killing of people for any reason is wrong and unjustifiable. It is against our fundamental beliefs in the value of human life and value of knowledge.

SIT was founded on the principle that all evil is due to insufficient knowledge, and it is with great optimism and hope for the future of our global community that we maintain our commitment to preserving and distributing knowledge through science.

SIT wishes to express its continuous support to the people of Ukraine and call for a return to peace in the area. In the meantime, SIT has suspended all operations in Russia.

How Serg Bell wants to help academics from Ukraine | report by Radio Bremen of March 29, 2022. (In German)

Humanitarian support action undertaken
  • SIT German campus, Jacobs University in Bremen, is working actively on implementing initiatives for the Ukrainian civilians. A project group has been formed on behalf of Jacob’s President, which is meeting on a regular basis and is coordinating the various activities. Inquiries and suggestions can be directed to:
  • SIT and Jacobs University will support the City of Bremen in increasing its offering for refugee accommodation by providing 100 beds on its campus free of charge, along with meals for the individuals being hosted. The City of Bremen expressly welcomes this initiative.
  • SIT and Jacobs University will launch an academic refugee program. In the future, this will enable refugees from Ukraine - but also from other war zones - not only to live on the campus of Jacobs University in Bremen, but also to study and continue their academic career there. In order to implement this initiative, Jacobs University and SIT are currently deliberating with further international partners.
  • The whole SIT ecosystem is also actively working on initiatives to further support, such as opening our current employment opportunities for Ukrainian people impacted by the conflict and left without a job. Career section here. 
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01/03 Acronis position, and operations suspends in Russia

As a Swiss company founded in Singapore and active worldwide, Acronis supports the people of Ukraine and is committed to the safety of its employees in the region and worldwide and provide humanitarian aid to all those affected. As a result of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Acronis is suspending all operations in Russia. Acronis does not do business in Russia and stopped selling in Russia in 2017.

"An iron curtain is an iron curtain" says Serg Bell (company's co-founder, chief research officer and board member) - ”that any business that wants to operate in the West must shut down its operations in Russia.”

Wall Street Journal Online

Like the rest of the world, Acronis is horrified and deeply concerned about the Russian conflict in Ukraine. It stands in support of the people in Ukraine and call for peace to return to the area.

Acronis had a small percent of our non-core staff located in the countries involved in the current conflict. All the employees were offered positions in other offices in Europe and Central Asia –Armenia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Meaning, that no one from Russia can access any of our systems. Acronis’s largest R&D center and office is located in Bulgaria.

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01/04 Acronis Cyber Foundation humanitarian assistance for people of Ukraine

Acronis Cyber Foundation is working on providing humanitarian assistance to everyone affected by the conflict in Ukraine. The Foundation team has partnered with UNICEF to alleviate the suffering of refugees from Ukraine. Families and children in Ukraine are facing a deadly crisis as the hostilities in their country are increasing. Foundation has released funds of up to $250,000 humanitarian assistance to those in need. Its goal is to collect additional $250,000 from Acronis’ donors through our partnership with UNICEF.

If you would like to support our joint project with UNICEF, please consider donation through this link:

Humanitarian support action undertaken
  • Acronis Cyber Foundation is working together with Red Cross Bulgaria to help Ukrainian refugees – hundreds of Acronis colleagues from across the globe have volunteered to help relief those affected by the conflict;
  • Acronis employees located in Romania have helped by bringing clothes, hygiene items, toys;
  • Acronis have allocated space in its offices in Bulgaria, Germany, Romania where anyone can donate new clothes, hygiene items, toys.
  • Acronis Cyber Foundation is also donating tents, sleeping bags, flashlights and batteries to Red Cross Bulgaria to help refugees on the borders;
  • Acronis has partnered with its Ukrainian Distributor Softico in Poland to provide power banks to Ukrainian refugees;
  • Acronis Cyber Foundation is also organizing online classes for the children of employees from affected countries, who have moved to temporary offices in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkey – as well as those who moved to our office in Bulgaria;
  • Humanitarian relief efforts: Acronis is opening employment opportunities in offices around the world for Ukrainian refugees who had to flee from this conflict and have been left without a job.