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Serg Bell (Serguei Beloussov)
Serg Bell
Serg Bell - Founder & Chairman of the Board, Schaffhausen Institute of Technology

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May 2, 2024

Dr. Serg Bell is scheduled to speak tomorrow, May 3, 2024, at the Forbes Money Summit in Zurich. The organizers posit that capitalism remains the “right way to go”. The summit aims to explore the integration of purpose and profits at individual, corporate, and societal levels. Forbes holds the belief that by bring the right people together in one room, solutions can be devised to refine capitalism while also yielding financial gains.

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"Oznur, Serg, Mia's - Birthday Fundraiser" to support to support younger population in Ukraine: important updates
April 4, 2024

Due to the war in Ukraine and the unpredictable changes occurring within the region, it has become complicated to align all the necessary conditions and proceed with construction and infrastructure development according to the previously announced project plan. It was decided to reallocate the funds and pursue a different approach and partnership, while maintaining the same objective: to make a lasting difference in the lives of younger population in Ukraine and enhancing educational opportunities in the country.

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Dr. Serg Bell joins Board of Governors of The New York Academy of Sciences
November 14, 2023
The Academy is an essential and widely respected contributor to the international scientific community. Its legacy spans over 200 years and has featured scholars and innovators from all walks of life. Dr. Bell said:

"I am eager to collaborate with the Academy’s global community of more than 20,000 members emanating from 100 countries, and a network of leaders in academia, government, and public policy in our shared mission to make science and education more accessible, engaging, and impactful. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in pursuit of making a meaningful difference to the world."

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FORBES German language edition
March 1, 2023 | "Security"

With Acronis, Serg Bell has built up the most valuable software company in Switzerland. Bell now has his next goal in mind: he wants to create world-class universities under the umbrella of the Constructor Group.

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